Tangled Webs

Session One

After all arriving in the town of Steindorf the group began to become aqcuinted at the Gilded Lantern. Mormacar and Mycroft discussed various subjects, while Linos ended up the worse for wear drinking with Thrax. Dayvar meanwhile kept his distance from the rest. Eventually they all accepted a contract (and a advance payment) from the local bailiff Dankmar to investigate the reason for the villagers of Shlagitz avoiding paying taxes. Mormacar, suspicious of Dankmar did not sign the contract.

After staying the night the group set out for the village. Dayvar was forced to leave his horse and cart at the ferry crossing, trusting the ferryman with them. On arriving at the village they were confronted with the charred remains of two corpses burnt at the stake.

Deciding to split up, they spread out over the village to inquire with various people and see what could be uncovered. Mycroft’s attempts at conversation with the publican and patrons of the tavern were less than effective and resulted in little being learnt apart from Narn’s hatred of the nature cult located in the nearby woods and that the villagers believed there was some sort of curse on the village. Thrax tasted some dirt from the large mound and temple in the village centre and declared it normal. Linos chatted with the tanner and decided to take advantage of his half price deal purchasing some leather armour. Finally the group reunited and made a trip into the nearby Witches Woods to investigate the cult.

Thrax strode ahead with Linos who had the feeling of being watched. Thrax attempted to to intimidate the unknown observers into showing themselves to no avail. Mycroft, Dayvar and Mormacar following behind heard the shouts and Mormacar decided to blend into the surrounding foliage stealthily. Eventually the party were confronted by Lucas, a scout from the Cult of Marog. After some conversation the group learnt that the relations between the cult and the village had soured many years ago when some forest spirits were responsible for killing some villagers. They also discovered that the villagers disappeared fro months and only reappeared days ago. The villagers seem unaware of this. The group then returned to spend the night at the village inn.



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